“The Enoteca is my whole life, it’s the place where I have always sought to give the best of myself, with the most humility possible. It is a physical location, where each bottle awaits its journey into a customer’s home, but also a symbolic place, where different stories, emotions and endless passions mingle. I always try to carry out my work with great respect, both for those who produce wine as well as for those who buy it, with the duty of introducing one to the other in the best possible way. That’s why there is much work to do, listen, ask, seek and always strive to do better. Quality is easy to find at first, but it is very difficult to maintain and takes enormous commitment. Only relentless love for one’s own work make it possible to continue to strive for the best.”

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A story of passion, continuous momentum, the constant pursuit of innovation and a strong sense of responsibility towards our customers: these are the principles that Enoteca Carlo Lavuri has always upheld.

This attitude, over the years, has permitted the Enoteca to gradually amplify its horizons, to become much more than a simple reseller of excellent wines and specialty foods, but an important point of reference in Tuscany and beyond.

Giamaica Caffè
Vigna i Mandorli
Eccellenti Toscani
Grand Hotel Francia&Quirinale
Emo Risaliti

Alé Fabrizio!

Domani, mercoledì 31 Maggio avrà inizio l’avventura di Fabrizio Lavuri lungo il percorso della Tuscany Trail…